Friday, August 12, 2016



Looking forward. I will get back to you we play tonight pretty late.

I made a important decision to perform with no microphones on my pan. so basically all output is coming directly from the contact pickups and the Marshall. We will achieve True Electric Steel Pan. When we performed pan this way there were certainly times where I felt like I was doing something for the first time which I could feel but also I felt like with anything there is work to do. Lots of work.
I love this setup. The balance of the stage in relation to there being plank on the stage made it easy to step out and into the audience it was brilliant.
This is basically my pedal board. I have another side which are a lot of other pedals I will assemble those for an upcoming show here in Denmark at a festival called Back Yard Rhythms in a town called Gjern, Denmark


Electric Steel Pans in Latvia


Monday, June 13, 2016

Love will always be Infinitely more powerful than hate. Prayers to the innocent victims at Orlando Florida.

Gregory Boyd 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Talk about a funky good time!!! We definitely had it at this introductory outing in Riga, Latvia recently. I was totally surprised to make such a killer band in a stellar city. I was once in this town several years back when I got stuck in Riga on the way to Odessa, Ukraine for a festival performance. I have since returned and have to say to light a nice proverbial fire that apparently has been burning enough to warrant a return visit. This time in August of this year during a festival in the same city as was as the 2nd venue. Leipaja is the site of the a festival called The Fontaine Festival August the

We started with an The Wild Magnolias Staple "Party" as a icebreaker cover song Mardi Gras was in the house. We must have play it for about 10-15 minutes which was my intention. I wanted to make sure everyone there was aware of precisely what we there for. I would have had us play it for 20 minutes if needed be but the the time we did it was enough to get people good and bothered. I could see one guy in particular when groove hit him he screamed something in Latvian which I think must have been roughly translated as Dang Dat s¤%t is Fonky Fonky. So we had 'em up. Trick was how do we keep 'em up? 

Bass Solo ... There is old joke I used to hate.. it had something to do with natives killing people and all was lost because there was  bass solo. Man I always felt I had to rewrite that joke, Because I love the bass  and this young Italian brother in arms is just the man to change that dialog. Just 20 years old this cat is fresh and funky and gets into some bass lines that I thought no one who ever find interesting. His name is Daniele Lovato and plays with a kickin' band called Odd-Rey and hails from one of the coolest countries on the planet you guessed it ... Italy. At one point during the sound check he played a certain Diana Ross songs' bassline "My Piano" or one of these and I lost it

Guntis Veilands play keyboards and saxophone and kinda reminds me of Ray Manzarek with a kind of jazz awareness mixed with an understated respect for music that one finds a good bit with film composers its no surprise that he is one foremost film people in Latvia. His keyboard that night was a Rhodes going through a Fender amp "loved that"! Did I mention he plays Alto sax as well. Which to me was like bass and drum break down city a la Mardi Gras day baby!

What can I say about this drummer. John Marcley is truly a legendary cat from the underground New Orleans rock scene a la early, meaning before Katrina. One of my first New Orleans rock inspirations can you say (Billy Bones, David Starr, Niel Laney, Tabula Rasa, Four for Nothing, Better Than Ezra et al)  I lucked out big time as a band leader and found this man in Europe living here in Europe no doubt and holding down the fort in Riga, Latvia of all places. My man we doing it again in August of 2016.  


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Single Release BEATIN ON A DRUM

It is with great pleasure that I release my latest single "Beatin on a Drum" this first release is going out to my closest fans and friends then I will release a lyric video and then later as the official music video which is slated to be release in a few months. For now this is the official single. I recorded this in Copenhagen, Denmark at Viktoriagade Studios. I used a several pieces of very vintage gear in doing so. Its all recorded analog meaning I did not edit it digitally in any way, meaning vocal harmonization, tune pitching, or rhythm tracks what you hear is what you get. Which is how I love it. 

The personnel on the recording is a three piece. 

Gregory Boyd- Vocals/Electro-Acoustic Steel Pans
Joakim Ă˜ster - Electric Bass
Jens Damm - Drumset

The idea of this song stems from the aggravation that one feels when the world and everything  around us seems so out of control and one just has to do something about it. Beatin' on a Drum is a metaphor for doing whatever one has to do when one is faced having to do something. Standing up for yourself and someone else joining a movement, speaking up for those who cant speak for themselves, creating a way of seeing life all of these things are "Beating on a Drum" in my book and there is nothing like. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I will be embarking on a new performance opportunity next month. In a way when one writes about something they will do it is kinda like predicting the future as we all know when someone claims thier own adventure one is calling thier own shots and creating thier personal destiny. I am looking forward to calling these. Latvia is a part of the world that I always wanted to explore I visited Riga once by accident on the way to Odessa Ukraine for a festival in 2013 and missed my flight in a fit of Rock Star confusion but we won't get into that.  One can say being an artist is akin to being an explorer. We get to find a place, go sprinkle some magic dust on the situation and then try to bring some kind of new idea to the conversation. I have been living this way for some time now and I cherish every moment. I am a child at Christmas at the idea of going to a place I have never really been to perform music that people there have never really heard. On February 27th of 2016 we will be there in the former Soviet Union to do such a thing. I am in the process of studying all there is to know about the area to show myself approved to conversations concerning history, culture and music. If these topics  indeed come up. I have decided to call this group of performances Caribbean Blues. Because my plan is to hopefully break into Latvia and the rest of the Baltics as the rock blues pop performer that I am. Bringing my signature Hendrix inspired New Orleans shouts and Gospel literal get down. The last time I was this far East people rocked so hard I could have played for them all night and it would not have bothered me one bit. I get the feeling there is a similar energy in Latvia so my spirit tells me it's a good place to begin putting this idea out there. My set will be a mix of original songs, some New Orleans standards like Big Chief, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Party By the Wild Magnolias and a nice assortment of Blues and Blues inspired old school rhythm and blues songs. There is something to be said about some of these old songs being put on Steelpans especially encorporating my 4-Mallet Quadra-Grip. With my technique I can make the Pan sound like a four note piano so it does these tonal firebrands real justice. There are some riffs that fit so well on Steel Pans I scarcely can imagine another instrument playing it. At least in my head it just belongs there. When I first attempted to deal with Jazz as a place to begin my journey, I was taken aback by the relative ease certain licks or melodies play on steel pans. With this I decided not to play them or basically avoid them all together due to what I saw was an ease of use issue. I simply do not support these ideas anymore.