Friday, August 22, 2008

Going Home to New Orleans

How goes it. Today I just realized that it is true. I am going back to New Orleans to perform and spend some time in my Musical home town. I lived there for much of my life and only recently ....well within the last 5 years here in EU in Denmark to be exact with my wife. So it will be good to go back and see how things are post Katrina and get some red beans back in me(not that my wife does not make great red beans) but more because a great deal of inspiration has come for me from this place and its people and culture. So I am hoping that I can see some old friends and maybe make some new ones while I am at it. GOOD NEWS for all fans there is a news CD definatly coming out and for those of you who have been waiting all too long I will also include a video of the song "Rich in a Troubled Time" in the package. Peace until next time and I will keep you all posted on the new offering. By the way if you want to listen to some of the songs prior to oredering them go to my myspace address.

Gregory Boyd
Steel Drums and Funk