Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Single Release BEATIN ON A DRUM

It is with great pleasure that I release my latest single "Beatin on a Drum" this first release is going out to my closest fans and friends then I will release a lyric video and then later as the official music video which is slated to be release in a few months. For now this is the official single. I recorded this in Copenhagen, Denmark at Viktoriagade Studios. I used a several pieces of very vintage gear in doing so. Its all recorded analog meaning I did not edit it digitally in any way, meaning vocal harmonization, tune pitching, or rhythm tracks what you hear is what you get. Which is how I love it. 

The personnel on the recording is a three piece. 

Gregory Boyd- Vocals/Electro-Acoustic Steel Pans
Joakim Ă˜ster - Electric Bass
Jens Damm - Drumset

The idea of this song stems from the aggravation that one feels when the world and everything  around us seems so out of control and one just has to do something about it. Beatin' on a Drum is a metaphor for doing whatever one has to do when one is faced having to do something. Standing up for yourself and someone else joining a movement, speaking up for those who cant speak for themselves, creating a way of seeing life all of these things are "Beating on a Drum" in my book and there is nothing like.