Monday, January 19, 2009

Rich In A Troubled Time Video Pre - Release from Gregory Boyd

How are you!!! I am releasing this pre-worldwide video release of my song "Rich In A Troubled Time" This is premastered copy for those who dont quite know what that means it just means it has not been run through the Grammy Finalizer. This will happen in the next few weeks. I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what will be coming your way. Thanks for your interest.

Gregory Boyd

By the way the link associated with video is not the recording this video is associated with. The video you are watching is part of a Record that will be released soon called TRANSFORMATION and will be out on GroovesVille Music. The link that is associated with this post is from my first ever release some 10 years ago from my first ever record label World Groove Records hence the name. You can find information about that release which is called "Rich In A Troubled Time" on my other blog; "THRASH STEEL DRUMS".

Peace pan groovers

Gregory Boyd