Friday, July 24, 2009

Favorite Quotes from some cool people.

There are times when one must toot thier own horn. I think my father once told me that. I think that is true statement every so often it is a good idea to let the public know what others think of your work and you in general. It is no secret that I am a musician and player in this big music industry so I am going to take this opportunity to my fans know what other people are saying about my work just to pat myself on the back and get it off my chest. The first of these comes from a fantastic rock musician whom I had the pleasure of performing on a variety show with this year. If you want more information on him google Mike Tramp.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gregory Boyd, while taking part in TV2's All Stars show, which successfully ran for several months on Danish Television. I must say that it only took a very short time before I noticed that Gregory possessed many, many other talents than the other 200 choir singers taking part in competing and performing on the All Stars TV show.
Week after week I witnessed in Gregory a true multi talented musician/singer that just kept surprising everyone. One day he is up there singing his ass off, delivering deep tones from a soulful voice, the next day he is showcasing his talent on steel drums, on once again a level that demands full attention. What can't this man do? Well maybe he's not the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. But Gregory Boyd is a world-class powerhouse performer that grabs your attention and keep you there, be it as a lead-singer or doing his magic on the steel-drums. I say don't miss this cat, he is going places.
Mike Tramp.

I am glad this guy noticed me he is one of those kinda rare souls who went out into the world despite all odds to make it in his own way. Moreover the guy just rocks good ol melodic Rock and Roll my favorite kind. Check out the band Mike Tramps Rock and Roll Circus out this Fall.

Next on the list is Pianist and Composer Butch Lacy on the next post