Friday, August 22, 2008

Going Home to New Orleans

How goes it. Today I just realized that it is true. I am going back to New Orleans to perform and spend some time in my Musical home town. I lived there for much of my life and only recently ....well within the last 5 years here in EU in Denmark to be exact with my wife. So it will be good to go back and see how things are post Katrina and get some red beans back in me(not that my wife does not make great red beans) but more because a great deal of inspiration has come for me from this place and its people and culture. So I am hoping that I can see some old friends and maybe make some new ones while I am at it. GOOD NEWS for all fans there is a news CD definatly coming out and for those of you who have been waiting all too long I will also include a video of the song "Rich in a Troubled Time" in the package. Peace until next time and I will keep you all posted on the new offering. By the way if you want to listen to some of the songs prior to oredering them go to my myspace address.

Gregory Boyd
Steel Drums and Funk

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nice Recording Session Today

I had a nice day recording today with an engineer named Brian Dyrby. I totally get aong with this guy he has a good ear and respects what i am doing with the steel drums. He also knows what my strong points are almost as well as I do ;) which is very cool. We worked on a new song today actually it is something that I wrote sometime ago but I still this the song has potential and it does infact. So we will work it some more tommorrow and see whut happenz.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Studio Work on the Way!!!

I am off to the studio this weekend here in Denmark. I am looking so much forward to this exsperience because for the first time I feel like what I will record is something that I feel very strongly about right now. These songs are a culmination of feelings that I have had for a long time. Basically love songs and I swore to myself that I would not make love songs not because I do not like them or something like this but because that is what everyone does. However, I do them well from time to time and with that have decided out of some sheer emotional burst to take on some songs that I have written some time ago and see how we can make this work. I will let evveryone know what the outcome with be when these are finished. Pray for me and wish me luck

Your Pannist

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Greetings Fans and Friends

How is everyone. I will post blogs from time to time. About certain shows and exsperiences while performing. Keep in touch and Peace


Power to the pan people

Greetings Fans and Friends

Grooves Ville Music
Rich In A Troubled Time 2000 (ep) wgr 001
Rich In A Troubled Time 2004 (Singles)
The traditional texture of Trinidadian Steel Drums are reinvented and combined with contemporary funk/Pop music to create the contemporary global fusion of New Orleans based steel pannist singer songwriter Gregory Boyd. Now residing in Europe and based in Denmark, Gregory Boyd’s music can be described as one part Global and one part Funk and the rest equal parts excitement. Truly Gregory Boyd gives it all when performing. One of his singles, "Rich In A Troubled Time", released in 5 European countries Denmark, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to Pop, top 40 and State radio stations, was heard by 40 million people. While, his collaborations with American artists such as Charles Neville, Cyril Neville, Delmar Brown, Paul Jackson, Jon Cleary, Lillian Boutte’, Doctor John, Daryl Johnson , Jon Cleary and his absolute monster gentlemen, Anders Osborne and Theresa Andersen. Danish/American artists Butch Lacy, and Danish artists Clovers Big Band, Peter Bastian, Tomas Franck, Kim Menzer, Klaus Menzer, Emil De Wail, Jesper Bodilsen, Uffe Steen, Christian Vuust, Ben Bosanko, Lies Westzynthius, USO and many others, has won him acclaim in the International, European and Danish press. The Copenhagen based newspaper Metroxpress stated over a performance with The Gregory Boyd Band’s allstar lineup which included Delmar Brown keyboard player extraordinaire and one of Stings’ and Miles Davis sidemen

, "Americans Musiker setter lid till oliet√łnderne".......MetroXpress or “American musician sets fire to Steel Drums”....MetroXpress Denmark
Blue Note records president Bruce Lundvall stated “My word would be "originality." I thought he was also very original also as a lyricist. Those lyrics are very interesting. The way he was able to scat and play the pans simultaneously is incredible! And I like the quality of his voice. He has a very, very interesting vocal quality."
Blue Note Artist Cassandra Wilson also stated: "I love this guy! Okay, where do I begin? He's playing steel drum and singing-how many times do you see that? It is very innovative. His improvisation is really great! I love what he is doing! Singing with his instrument-I've never seen anyone do that. It's a whole new twist!"
Moving to Denmark in 2002 and marrying Danish Jazz vocalist Lone Boyd, Gregory Boyd went from working with some of the best of the best in the United States to working with some of the best of the best in Europe and Scandinavia.

Boyd joined the US Navy steel drum band in 1987. Based in New Orleans Louisiana, USA, and toured with the acclaimed outfit until he left the military in 1990. He was introduced to Charmaine Neville, the daughter of Charles Neville from the New Orleans Super group the Neville brothers. Boyd went and sat in with the Charmaine Neville Band at Snug Harbor Jazz Club in New Orleans and was hired on the spot. Boyd toured with Charmaine for 3 years which often brought him to Europe to perform at a great many major Jazz festivals, performance venues and concert stages worldwide. On Charmaine’s 2nd CD release “Its About Time”, Boyd co-wrote several songs as well as played steel drums, percussion and drum programming.
Charles Neville often came to Snug Harbor, where Charmaine performed Monday and Thursday nights when not on tour. There he met Gregory and was so enthusiastic about his playing that he asked him to join his new band “Diversity” the same night. Boyd promptly agreed. During the next 5 years, Boyd toured with Charles Neville and Diversity while at the same time also performing and touring with Neville brother Cyril with his acclaimed New Orleans funk band, “The Uptown All-stars”. During this time Boyd also logged in a very important musical journey with acclaimed space jazz outfit Michael Ray and the Kosmic Krewe where he recorded and performed with Trey Anstacio and John Fishman (Phish), John Medesky (Medeski, Martin and Wood), Kool and The Gang and The Sun Ra Arkestra. In 1993, Boyd changed gears and began to seriously write songs and set out to become a band leader in his own right playing the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival annually and gaining the attention on industry leaders such as Bruce Lundvall, and performer such Cassandra Wilson. Today Gregory Boyd is an accomplished Steel Pannist Singer Songwriter who continues to push the boundaries of Modern Music with his very own brand of Global Music, which is Steel Drum Textured, Vocal layered and steeped in the traditions of American Rock, Funk, R&B, and Jazz.